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Grade 11 Courses

Grade 11 CORE Courses (mandatory)

ELA 20: the course outcomes incorporate the use of a variety of literature as well as non-print resources as students comprehend and respond, compose and create and assess and reflect. Unit topics and themes include Starting Out – Beginning and Becoming and Moving Forward – Establishing and Realizing.

ELA A10 and ELA B10
One of the History 20 or Psychology 20

History 20: this course focuses upon world history from the year 1865 AD to present. Major areas of study include the Industrial Revolution, Nationalism, the two world wars, the Great Depression, Cold War, and the post 9/11 world. Current events are also discussed.

Psychology 20: this course uses a social psychology approach to assist students to better understand themselves and what goes into the maintaining of a worldview.

Christian Ethics 20: this class begins with a survey of the Bible and how to use it as a resource to search for information. CE 20 is primarily focused on the New Testament including a study of the life of Christ and the various letters written by the apostles. This course offers young people opportunities to discuss their personal value systems and faith as it relates to ethical decision-making.

Grade 11 Elective Courses (6 additional elective credits at level 20 or 30)

Chemistry 20: a formal study of chemical reactions and molecular theory.

Pre-requisite: Science 10

Physics 20: a formal study of the behavior of light, waves and sound.

Pre-requisite: Science 10

Biology 20: a formal study of eco-systems, microbiology, mycology and botany.

Pre-requisite: Science 10

Foundations of Mathematics 20: This course is designed to provide the mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills to students who are planning on pursuing a post -secondary program and future career that is not math intensive. Course outcomes include the study of inductive and deductive reasoning, proportional reasoning, properties of angles and triangles, cosine and sine laws, standard deviation, statistics, linear inequalities, and quadratic functions.

Pre-requisite: Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10

Pre-Calculus 20: This course is designed to provide students with the mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills identified for entry into post-secondary programs that require the study of theoretical calculus. Course outcomes include the study of absolute value, radicals, rational expressions and equations, reference angles and the determination of exact values, cosine and sine laws, factoring polynomial expressions, quadratic functions and equations, inequalities, sequences and reciprocal functions.

Pre-requisite: Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10

Visual Art 20: the main aim of this course is to enable students to understand and value arts expressions throughout life. The three components of the course are the creative/productive, the cultural/historical and the critical/responsive. This is a hands-on class that develops a student’s skill set as it pertains to drawing, painting, sculpting and much more.

Choral 20: students audition for the Concert Choir which then affords them a year round opportunity to discover and hone their musical gifts while earning a credit. Classes take place during the lunch hour, making it possible for choral students to earn an extra credit every school year.

Drama 20: a production-style course designed to help students actively explore dramatic techniques. We work on basics like voice projection, breathing, and character interpretation. The students explore scripts, perform Readers” Theatre and prepare a one-act play for performance. All aspects of production are studied from lighting to set design. Students also research theatre history from the ancients to modern times.

French 20: a communicative approach to the classroom means students will use language in realistic situations as well as learn grammatical structures. Part of this course is via distance learning using Skype and Moodle.

Pre-requisite: French 10

Spanish 20: The Spanish 20 Curriculum is designed for students who have limited or no previous knowledge of the Spanish language. Part of this course is via distance learning using Skype and Moodle. Communicative competence is achieved through the interrelatedness and interdependence of four components, namely application, language competence, global citizenship and strategies.

Pre-requisite: Spanish 10

Computer Science 20: Computer Science is about taking in information and performing analysis and computations to solve a problem or produce a desired result. CS 20 is a hands on course that will develop problem solving and decision making skills and abilities that relate to programming and design. You will experience programming and learn fundamental programming concepts.

Instructional Physical Education 20: the goals of the physical education program include concept-based skill development, development of positive attitudes, and a lifestyle oriented to overall well-being. Activity areas include aquatics, gymnastics, fitness, outdoor pursuits, rhythmics and dance, and developmental games and sports.

Music 20: This course is an extension of the aims and goals of Music 10. Students are exposed to a variety of musical selections ad music history, as well as studying renowned composers and music theory.

** Completion of minimum 8 credits for a total of minimum 16 credits at end of Grade 11 year

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