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Alumni Association Notes

Reflections on LCBI’s Homecoming 2015
From the Alumni Association

In October, we gathered for another wonderful Homecoming, celebrating many happy reunions with past classmates. We were sorry to have missed those of you who were unable to attend due to this year’s late harvest. Here are some of the highlights of Homecoming 2015

homecoming-gathering1. Over 100 pre-registered online this year – Thanks! Besides facilitating the registration process, it can help LCBI prepare for meals and it can help us plan room assignments for your class gatherings. (Our apologies to those who had strollers to get downstairs this year!)

2. Our new lanyards, stuffed with pre-ordered meal tickets streamlined the registration process as well. Close to 250 people enjoyed Saturday lunch and 200 stayed for a delicious roast beef dinner Saturday night.

3. Those who registered Friday night were entertained with live instrumental music. The piano, bass and guitar set a warm atmosphere for all the visiting. President Wayne Hove was delighted to have the chance to meet so many Alumni personally.

4. Saturday morning the 40-year Class led an inspiring Chapel based on the many references to the number 40 throughout scripture

5. The AGM of the Alumni Association followed, which gave us opportunity to hear encouraging reports from Board Chair Kari Alford, Principal Leanne Engen and President Wayne. We then reported on how the Alumni’s generous donations have been used to support LCBI students and staff.

LCBI Homecoming featuring Segways

6. There is a great need to keep Alumni contacts updated. New data collection software called Membee is now in place, which comes with a cost for LCBI. This is another area where Alumni support would be valued.

7. The Gym was ‘bouncing’ with some pretty energetic volleyball competition from 11:00 till late afternoon, which was followed by a quick pickup game of basketball.

8. Meanwhile, in the courtyard, a lot of happy individuals were learning to drive – Segways that is! A hearty thanks to Murray Nelson and the Saskatoon donors who made this experience possible. There were also some fun activities organized for the younger kids.

9. A highlight for both the Alumni and LCBI singers was to practice and perform jointly at the Saturday program and the Sunday Service. Thanks to Anna Scott and LCBI’s Graham Codling.

10. We organized two fund-raisers: The afternoon bidding on a large number of beautiful quilts raised over $3000! A second fund-raiser involved the sale of a wide variety of 12 cookies for $5 that raised another $700 after Saturday night’s program.

time-capsule-group-r111. Late afternoon we gathered by the steps of “Old Main” to mark the opening of the 100-year old time capsule inside its historic cornerstone. President Wayne Hove shared the fragile contents from this oldest building on campus.

12. This year’s Saturday Evening Program, with its new format, was fun and heart-felt throughout. Our Homecoming Coordinator, Cathy Kochendorfer, gave recognition to each Honoured Class, interspersed with a few invited Alumni to present or perform.

These ranged from:
- a 10-yr Alumnus and LCBI teacher, Jesse Sorenson, with friends doing a rousing Rock-n-Roll medley; (Kari Ree even had the audience joining in with her!)
- two current students as well as Karen Meagher, a member from the 35-year class, sharing what LCBI has meant to them;
- to a 70-yr Alumnus and former LCBI teacher, Helen Salte, with her life’s faith story touching every emotion from laughter to tears. Helen’s recording artist son, Arlen, was there to honour his mother’s long relationship with LCBI, performing a couple of tender songs.

Another program highlight was to hear the young LCBI Choir to perform on their own and then with the Alumni Choir, ending with the joyous Hallelujah Chorus.


13. The Homecoming weekend ended with a Sunday Service in the gym worshipfully led by the 25 yr class. Accompanied by piano, flute, accordion, harmonica, and guitar, we sang songs of praise to God, with our hearts full of thanksgiving for LCBI’s influence in our lives.

Please plan now to attend Homecoming 2016 (October 14 to 16), when all who graduated in years ending with a 6 or 1 (from 1946 to 2011), and even the new grads from 2016 will be honoured!

From your Executive Body of the Alumni Association:

Linda Langager, Class of ‘62 – Chair
Gail Berg, Class of ’78 – Recording Secretary
Cathy Kochendorfer, Class of ‘79 – Homecoming Coordinator
Audrey Balaton, Class of ’75 – Director
Heather Derdall, Class of ’77 – Director
Marilyn Gustafson, Class of ‘81 – Director
Murray Nelson, Class of ’93 – Director
Kirsten Berg, Class of ‘07 – Director
Michelle Stoyko, Class of ‘07 – Director


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